• Rina Tuo

    Rina Tuo Rina Tuo

    Executive Principal
    Director of Overseas Studies Office
    Statistics, Bachelor of Science-University College London, UK

    Ms Tuo is a teacher with over 8 years of experience in counseling students on college application. She has worked at our school for 8 years. She has provided guidance to more than 170 students with their college applications, most of whom secured offers from reputable universities around the world.

  • Huiyi Zheng

    Huiyi Zheng Huiyi Zheng

    Academic Principal
    Chemistry, Bachelor of Science - Nankai University
    Education, Master of Education- The University of Melbourne

    Mr. Zheng obtained his teaching license in 1995 in Melbourne, Australia. For the next 9 years, he worked in both primary schools as a classroom teacher and in secondary schools as a teacher of Chemistry and Junior Science. He also performed administrative duties such as coordinating science education, graduate transition and Grade 6 work planning. Mr. Zheng returned to China in2003 and worked in a number of international schools in Shenzhen for 14 years, the last 6 of which in senior management, including as head of school. 

  • Yong Zheng

    Yong Zheng Yong Zheng

    School Counselor

    As an expert teacher in Hubei Province, Mr. Zheng served as Director of Academic Affairs in Yichang No.1 Senior High School for over 11 years.

  • Achille Chen

    Achille Chen Achille Chen

    Head of Economics 
    Economics Teacher
    Economics, Ph.D- University of Auvergne in France

    Mr. Chen is a teacher of over 10 years standing. He worked in a variety of schools and universities in France and China. Prior to coming to YCIS, his job titles included Head of Economics and School Registrar.

  • Xiaoru Zhang

    Xiaoru Zhang Xiaoru Zhang

    Economics Teacher
    Business Administration, Bachelor of Management- Hubei University

    Ms. Zhang has been teaching in our school after her graduation in 2012. She has worked as Head of Administrative Office and Head Teacher of AS Grade.

  • Maryia Vasilyeva

    Maryia Vasilyeva Maryia Vasilyeva

    Economics Teacher
    Economics and Management, Master of Economics -Belarus State Economic University, Belarus

    Ms. Vasilyeva is a teacher of 4 years’ experience in economics teaching in university. She once worked in Joint-stock company and Belarua State Economic University, teaching economic disciplines and business skills to students.

  • Wanyu Gu

    Wanyu Gu Wanyu Gu

    Economics Teacher
    Financial Engineering, Bachelor of Economics, Xiamen University

    Ms Gu has been working in our school after graduation in 2017.

  • Jing Tian

    Jing Tian Jing Tian

    Economics Teacher
    International Financial Management, Master of Science-University of Glasgow, UK

    Ms Tian began working at the school after she completed postgraduate studies. 

  • Rongan Yi

    Rongan Yi Rongan Yi

    Head of Mathematics
    Mathematics Teacher
    Mathematics, Ph.D. - Zhejiang University

    Mr. Yi taught mathematics for many years in key high schools. 

  • Alex Xie

    Alex Xie Alex Xie

    Head of Education Administration
    Mathematics Teacher
    Engineering Management, Master of Science - University of Birmingham, UK

    Mr. Xie is a teacher with more than 8 years’ experience who has worked in our school after graduation. Her prior experience includes Head of Education Administration, Dean of Students and Head teacher of AS grade.

  • Yang Zhou

    Yang Zhou Yang Zhou

    Mathematics Teacher
    Architectural and Civil Engineering, Master of Engineering - Anhui University of Architecture 

    Mr. Zhou is a teacher of over 3 years’ experience in mathematics teaching. He has taken charge of teaching mathematics in IGCSE and AS Level.

  • Jun Wu

    Jun Wu Jun Wu

    Mathematics Teacher
    Computational Mathematics, Ph.D in progress - Wuhan University of Technology

    Mr. Wu began working at school since 2017.

  • Gang Liu

    Gang Liu Gang Liu

    Mathematics Teacher
    Petroleum Engineering, Master of Engineering- China University Of Petroleum

    Mr. Liu had three years of overseas study tour experience. He went to Europe, Asia, Middle East, and South America.

  • Christopher Crossly

    Christopher Crossly Christopher Crossly

    Physics Teacher
    Applied Linguistics, Master of Education- Open University, UK

    Mr. Crossly is a teacher with over 14 years’ experience. He worked in a variety of schools in the UK and China. He also worked as an IELTS teacher and examiner of speaking test of IELTS and IGCSE.   

  • Yao Yu

    Yao Yu Yao Yu

    Dean of Students
    Physics teacher
    Electronic Information, Master of Science - Shaanxi Normal University

    Ms Yu is a teacher of over 4 years’ experience in physics teaching and student affairs management. She has taken roles including Dean of students, Head of Physics and Head teacher of AS Grade.

  • Yunshen Hu

    Yunshen Hu Yunshen Hu

    Physics Teacher
    Computer Application Technology, Master of Science-China Three Gorges University
    Physics, Bachelor of Science- China Three Gorges University

    Mr. Hu possesses over 5 years of teaching experience.

  • Lili Wang

    Lili Wang Lili Wang

    Head of Chemistry
    Chemistry Teacher
    Chemistry, Master of Science-Wuhan University of Technology

    Ms Wang was an exchange student to the University of Massachusetts, Boston and has published an academic thesis in JOURNAL OF POWER SOURCE as the lead author.

  • Qinlin Guo

    Qinlin Guo Qinlin Guo

    Chemistry Teacher
    Polymeric Chemistry and Physics, Master of Science - Huazhong University of Science and Technology

    Ms. Guo has been working in our school as chemistry teacher and Head teacher of AS grade since 2017. Previously, she has worked in Yichang Humanwell Pharmaceutical Co.,LTD.

  • Linwen Zuo

    Linwen Zuo Linwen Zuo

    Chemistry Teacher
    Chemical Engineering, Master of Engineering- Central China Normal University

    Ms Zuo began working here from 2017 after graduation from the master course. She has interned in several pharmaceutical companies as chemist.

  • Changying Liu

    Changying Liu Changying Liu

    Chemistry Teacher
    Chemical Technology, Master of Science-Wuhan University

    Ms Liu is an experienced teacher.

  • Ama K. Joseph

    Ama K. Joseph Ama K. Joseph

    English Teacher
    Business Administration, Ph.D - University of San Diego, USA

    Ms Joseph is a teacher of over 10 years standing and has worked in a variety of domestic and foreign universities. She has served as Head of English Language Department, Director of Business Studies, Head of Business in English Department, etc.  

  • Lucy Xie

    Lucy Xie Lucy Xie

    English Teacher
    Tourism and Exhibition Management, Master of Science - University of Sunderland, UK          

    Ms Xie is a teacher with two years’ experience and had worked in a private high school in Chengdu.

  • Cathy Chen

    Cathy Chen Cathy Chen

    English Teacher
    English Language and Literature, Master of Arts - Wuhan University

    Ms Chen was an exchange student to the University of Bern, Switzerland.

  • Irene Wang

    Irene Wang Irene Wang

    Head of English&English Teacher
    English, Bachelor of Arts- Beijing Normal University
    Laws, Bachelor of Laws- Beijing Normal University

    Ms Wang is a teacher with over three years’ experience in English teaching from a variety of schools from Beijing to Xiangyang. She also worked as a form tutor for a long time.

  • Angel He

    Angel He Angel He

    IELTS Teacher
    Human Resource Management, Master of Science-University of Birmingham, UK

    Ms. He worked at the school for three years. She won third prize in National English Contest, second prize and honorable mention in Hubei Translation and Interpreting Contest respectively.

  • Zhuoran Wang

    Zhuoran Wang Zhuoran Wang

    English Teacher
    Educational Leadership, Master of Arts - University of Jyväskylä,Finland

    Ms Wang worked as volunteer at EFA seminar. She received a Finland International Student Scholarship. 

  • Emma Li

    Emma Li Emma Li

    College Counselor
    Education, Master of Education- Beijing Normal University

    Ms. Li has been working at the school for over 4 years after graduation. She has taught English for two years and has 4 years’ experience of college counseling. She is in charge of the ECA program at the school.

  • Benz Liu

    Benz Liu Benz Liu

    College Counselor
    Translation, Master of Translation and Interpreting - Central China Normal University

    Ms Liu worked in Translation and Wuchang Polytechnic College with translation and teaching duties. She also possesses CATTI(second level), Teacher’s Certificate of Senior High School,TEM8, third prize in Hubei 20th Translation Contest.

  • Sophie Xi

    Sophie Xi Sophie Xi

    College Counselor
    Translation, Master of Translation and Interpreting - China Three Gorges University

    Ms Xi was an exchange student to London South Bank University. 

  • Laura Ann Mewis

    Laura Ann Mewis Laura Ann Mewis

    Art Teacher
    Fine Art, Bachelor of Arts - Coventry University, UK

    Ms Mewis is a teacher with five year’s experience and has worked in international schools in Canada and China. 

  • Siwei Zhao

    Siwei Zhao Siwei Zhao

    Biology Teacher
    Chemistry and Biochemistry, Master of Science - Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey, USA

    Ms Zhao has been teaching for one year. She worked in California Biochemistry Laboratory.

  • Doris Jiang

    Doris Jiang Doris Jiang

    Psychology Tutor & Counselor
    Development and Education Psychology, Master of Science- Institute of Psychology of Chinese Academy of Sciences

    Ms Jiang is an experienced teacher with training in Cognitive Therapy, Morita therapy by Tongji Medical College of HUST. 

  • Miffy Cheng

    Miffy Cheng Miffy Cheng

    P.E Teacher 
    Physical Education, Bachelor of Education- China Three Gorges University
    English, Bachelor of Arts- China Three Gorges University

    Ms Cheng won first prize in National Dance Open Tournament, Gymnatics Tournament in Hubei Province. 

  • Mi Pan

    Mi Pan Mi Pan

    General Secretary
    Business Administration, Bachelor of Management- Shaanxi University of Science & Technology
    Business Administration, Bachelor of Management- Shanxi University of Science & Technology

    Miss Pan possesses Certificate of Accounting Profession, Junior Accountant Certificate and Junior Economist Certificate. Previously she worked in several Accounting and HR roles.