Educational Philosophy

Educational Philosophy
YCIS strives to provide a caring and supportive environment where every individual is valued, respected and viewed as a source of boundless possibilities. Students are encouraged to develop to their fullest potential in academia, extra-curricular pursuits as well as personal growth. Every assistance is provided so that students are best prepared to enter a tertiary institution worthy of their abilities thus able to make good use of the opportunities available to them in college and beyond.

Educational Objectives:
Students should leave YCIS having acquired:
l  The confidence to become a successful global citizen
l  Sufficient maturity and personal autonomy to live independently
l  A fortitude to persist in the face of adversity
l  Knowledge of, and confidence in, their own abilities
l  Skills for independent learning
l  A respect for cultural diversity
l  A place at a respectable university appropriate for their abilities and interests
l  A passion for learning
l  High standards of honesty and personal integrity
l  Intellectual curiosity and creativity
l  An understanding of, and empathy for, other people’s points of view
l  The ability to communicate think and analyse in English
l  Opportunities to be a leader and to work in a team
l  An appreciation for all things beautiful